(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. fortunate, lucky; gay, contented, joyous, ecstatic; felicitous, apt; glad. See agreement, cheerfulness, pleasure, occasion. Ant., sad,
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [In good humor]
Syn. joyous, joyful, merry, mirthful, glad, gleeful, delighted, cheerful, gay, captivated, blest, laughing, contented, genial, convivial, satisfied, rapturous, enraptured, relieved, congenial, cheery, blithe, jolly, hilarious, sparkling, enchanted, unalloyed, transported, rejoicing, blissful, jovial, jocund, delightful, delirious, exhilarated, cloudless, rhapsodic, rapt, enrapt, gladsome, pleased, gratified, peaceful, comfortable, beatific, intoxicated, debonair, light, bright, buoyant, ecstatic, charmed, bonny, pleasant, exultant, hearty, overjoyed, well, lighthearted, lightsome, radiant, vivacious, sunny, smiling, content, sprightful, zesty, animated, zestful, lively, spirited, exuberant, good-humored, elated, frisky, frolicsome, expressing happiness, jubilant, sportive, rollicking, playful, thrilled, dashing, fun-loving, gladdened, Elysian, jaunty, breezy, carefree, at peace, in good spirits, in high spirits, happy as a lark, happy as the day is long, of good cheer, in ecstasies, flushed with excitement, flushed with pleasure, chipper*, perky*, peppy*, fit*, beside oneself*, full of beans*, bubbling over*, tickled*, happy-go-lucky*, in seventh heaven*.
Ant. sorrowful, sad*, melancholy.
2. [Expressive of good humor]
Syn. laughing, smiling, shouting, cheering, cavorting, sparkling, giggling, chuckling, jesting, amusing, backslapping, joking, roaring, applauding, guffawing, celebrating, carousing, reveling, festive, making whoopee*, kicking up one's heels*, having a hot time*, raising hell*.
Ant. crying, weeping*, mourning.
3. [Fortunate or apt]
Syn. nice, felicitous, right; see fortunate 1 .
Syn.- happy generally suggests a feeling of Great pleasure, contentment, etc. [ a happy marriage ] ; glad implies more strongly an exultant feeling of joy [ your letter made her so glad] , but both glad and happy are commonly used in merely polite formulas expressing gratification [ I'm glad , or happy , to have met you ] ; cheerful implies a steady display of bright spirits, optimism, etc. [ he's always cheerful in the morning ] ; joyful and joyous both imply Great elation and rejoicing, the former generally because of a particular event, and the latter as a matter of usual temperament [ the joyful throngs, a joyous family ]
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
1. glad joyful, content, blissful, delighted, jubilant, pleased, cheerful, in high spirits, at peace, elated, euphoric, in *seventh heaven, exuberant, ecstatic, gleeful, *tickled pink, *walking on air, chipper, overjoyed, *high.
2. fortunate lucky, felicitous, auspicious, opportune, favorable, propitious, timely.
ANT.: 1. depressed, miserable, downhearted, suicidal, sad, glum. 2. inauspicious, inopportune, unlucky
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective 1. Characterized by luck or good fortune: fortunate, lucky, providential. See LUCK. 2.Being in or showing good spirits: bright, cheerful, cheery, chipper, lighthearted, sunny. See HAPPY. 3. Having achieved satisfaction, as of one's goal: content, fulfilled, gratified, satisfied. See HAPPY. 4. Providing joy and pleasure: cheerful, cheery, festive, glad, joyful, joyous, pleasing. See HAPPY. 5. Marked by festal celebration: festive, gala, glad, gladsome, joyful, joyous, merry. See HAPPY. 6. Suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place: appropriate, apt, becoming, befitting, correct, felicitous, fit1, fitting, meet2, proper, right, tailor-made. See RIGHT. 7. Eagerly compliant: delighted, glad, pleased, tickled. See HAPPY.

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